Consult a dermatologist and gain peace of mind

Acne is a problem that most experience at some point in their life. Generally, the point that acne affects people is when they enter puberty. At this tender age, there is a range of issues both mental and physical that acne suffers have to come to terms with and work through. Since the issue of acne during puberty is most related to hormones, most people believe that after they become adults, they no longer have to worry about it. As the people of Singapore can attest to, acne can affect people well into adulthood and hormones are not the only cause.

Unlike in many places in the world, it very easy for those who live in Singapore to get acne. This is true for those who have spent their whole life there, as well as for those who move or visit there later on. The reason for this is that the environment and weather of Singapore are conducive to acne flourishing there. Being near the equator, the climate of Singapore is very humid. High constant humidity leads to an increase in the amount of sweat that the body produces.

Sweating, in and of itself, is a good thing. It is the body’s natural way to cool and detoxify itself. As people sweat, dirt and oil are released and washed away as the pours open up. But like many things, timing is the key. The same system that the body uses to rid itself of oil and can also be the means that oil and dirt can lead to acne. Acne begins at the hair follicle and the glands which them and produce oil. If the pours are blocked which in turn traps oil, dirt and dead skin at the surface of the skin and below, the resulting bacteria will and more likely result in irritation and acne. If, after sweating, the sweat is allowed to dry on the skin, then the pours will be clog once again producing ideal conditions for acne to develop. Since the temperature of Singapore averages 86 degrees Fahrenheit which in turns fosters perspiration, one could surmise that the weather of Singapore causes bad skin.

It is, however, important for those living in Singapore to be sure that whatever they are experiencing is a true skin problem. There are situations where one may have red blemishes on their face or experience a breakout when the travel to or from Singapore. Assuming that all acne or skin problems are the same and treating them as such is a mistake that many people make. In fact, trying to treat all acne with the same topical or home remedies that are often used can, in fact, make the problem worst. For this reason, it is vital and necessary to consult with a dermatologist to get an informed and proper diagnosis. A dermatologist will know exactly what medication is needed for any particular acne issue. Not consulting a dermatologist can lead to situations where scars are formed making the underlying condition harder to treat.

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