Top 3 products to buy that can improve your dental health.

What people usually do for their oral health? Brushing correctly and flossing every day. Still, many people suffer from oral hygiene and everyday dental problems. Therefore to give you a refreshing start of the day, here are the top 3 products to buy that can improve your dental health.

1. Oral B Glide deep clean floss
If you are looking for everyday floss and want to feel fresh all day, this floss is among top 3 products to buy that can improve your dental health. In all the other floss, you need to go two or three times to really get everything out of there. It just catches everything in one swipe. The actual floss is kind of a ribbon which is flat and little wider which helps grab all that particles between your teeth. The added advantage is that, unlike another floss, it doesn’t cut the gums and goes very smooth. Additionally, it can slide up to 50 % quite easily within the closely spaced teeth. The material of the ribbon is shred resistant which gives you extra comfort when flossing. The floss comes in the regular mint flavor to keep you refreshed all day, check it out at

2. Sensodyne rapid action toothpaste
Are you suffering from acute dental pain due to sensitivity and unable to enjoy your hot and cold dishes? Sensodyne rapid action will save your day and make your teeth to enjoy your treat. Sensodyne rapid action provides instant and long lasting relief from the dentin hypersensitivity. This toothpaste consist of strontium acetate. The strontium formulation helps to form a deep occlusive plug within the dental cavities. It provides instant relief within 60 seconds of application. Brushing twice daily with Sensodyne rapid action maintains relief from the hypersensitivity in long term. Following 5 days of brushing with the strontium acetate formulation, deep occlusive plugs delve deeper within the cavity tubules up to 20 micrometers. Sensodyne rapid action also contains fluoride and provide deep and resistance occlusion and is clinically proven to deliver instant and long lasting relief from the discomfort of dentin hypersensitivity. So if you are suffering from the sensitive teeth and want to make a big difference to your overall dental health, then Sensodyne rapid action toothpaste is one of the top 3 products to buy that can improve your dental health.

3. Oral B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush
The last product which is must have in your washroom is among top 3 products to buy that can improve your dental health. Oral B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush has the unconventional round head design. The oral B claims that this small head design can provide a better tooth by tooth cleaning. The bristles of the brush have a crisscross pattern in an angle of 16 degrees to give what they claimed to be, a superior dental cleaning. Worried about the plaques? Well, the bristles of the brush are claimed to remove 300 percent more plaque than the regular toothbrush. The toothbrush employs rotating oscillatory movement to clean the teeth. Along with that, it feels comfortable in hand and there’s a rubber grip running down the front of the brush handle. The power button is up towards the top with grips followed down by the battery status icon and charging icons towards the bottom of the handle. At the very bottom, there is a charging slot.

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